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Purple & Black Sketch Iced Drink Snug

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Tired of sweating iced drink cups?  Or ice just melting too fast in your cold drink? 

Insulate your cup with a modern, stylish cup snug.  Keep your coffee cold, hands warm and water rings off the table.  It may also be used on hot cups.

All cup snugs are made with 100% premium cotton and insulating fabric inside to keep your drink cool, longer.

**Price is for 1 selected sized cup snug (reusable cup is NOT included)


*SMALL: Best fits Starbucks Iced Grande, Dunkins Iced Small or similar shaped 16 oz cups + 16 oz Hot coffee cup

*LARGE: Best fits Starbucks Iced Venti/Trenta, Dunkins Iced Medium/Large or similar shaped 20 - 30 oz cups

Make it an ECO-FRIENDLY Bundle:

Include a reusable 16 oz hot cup or 24 oz iced cup with your cup snug to help limit the use of single use plastic.  Click HERE to select your reusable cup size and add it to your cart.

NOTE: print placement will vary on each cup snug