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10 DIY Faux Fur Pom Fabric Squares

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LIMITED POMS ARE NOT AVAILABLE FOR DIY ... ONLY POMS SHOWN IN POM CHARTS IN THIS LISTING ARE AVAILABLE (some may have gone limited and are no longer available for DIY ... check Limited Poms section!)

Make a STATEMENT with a faux fur poof .... SAVING MONEY by MAKING YOUR OWN faux fur poms!


Not wanting to store a closet full of fur to have endless options of pom colors, and you don't want to pay someone to make the poms because you can make them yourself? Here is the solution ... The DIY Faux Fur Pom Square bundle


THIS IS NOT A FINISHED PRODUCT...YOU have to make the poms. I provide you with the faux fur and possibly the string and snaps if you choose.


Price is for 10 DIY Faux Fur Pom Fabric Squares


DIY faur fur pom Bundle:


10 pre-cut furs from my current line of faux fur poms - Check color charts (Short furs need extra prep by YOU!)

3 sizes to choose from

ALL squares are cleaned (loose hairs removed)

CHECK INDIVIDUAL POM LISTINGS FOR COLOR DESCRIPTION & DETAILED LOOK! Not all colors and sizes are available! Color charts are shown to help with COLOR availability, NOT size.


In addition to the bundle YOU will NEED:


Sharp and strong needle





Thorough video including:

My tips & tricks

Uncommon method (my preferred) to sew up poms

How to sew on snaps

How to prepare short & medium length fur

How to get out kinks & refluff

Key times listed in the description for quick locating of topics

Access will be sent in the MAIL with your ORDER

NO REFUNDS on tutorial once your order has shipped!

Tutorial is property of Life's Little Things CO. Your may NOT replicate or claim parts of the tutorial as your own. Please do NOT share this paid tutorial.


Add ONs:


Strong nylon string for each pom square (This is what I use! Strong, does the job and easy to sew on the snaps with!) String will be a close match in color to the fur color

10 gun metal or silver snaps



Pom poms are available in 3 sizes (Small, Medium, or Large/XLarge). Sitting flat on strings or snap, pom is MEASURED FROM FUR TIP TO FUR TIP AT BASE . 


Small (3.5" - 4" square) - approximately 4" - 5" diameter

Medium (4.5" - 5" square) - approximately 4.75" - 6" diameter

Large (6" square) - approximately 5.5" - 6.5" diameter

XLarge (5.5" - 6") - approximately 6.75" - 8" diameter

Sizing varies between furs and is based on the LENGTH and FULLNESS of the fur.


Bulk Ordering?

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Time to get creative! What will you use your poms for? Do you need some ideas?


Use them as the top pom of a hat, poms off the tails of an earflap hat, slippers, scarf ends, or even for a keychain or purse. How about creating a home decor like a little gnome or a wreath?






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